Someone Explain To Me Why Jenna Marbles Is Funny

Jenna Marbles. What is she? People post her videos on Facebook and tell me she’s HIGH-LARIOUS. I watch them. Then I want to die.

It’s like, “AHHH!” *Collapse*


At first, it was just that stupid “Give ’em the face!” video, that played off of my generation’s weird, dumb obsession with “awkward” things being HIGH-LARIOUS. Like, “Omg that’s SO awks! I’m laughing only because I don’t know how to interact with peoplez. Whoopsie!” Didn’t you guys see Funny Bot? Get over it. Also, I think it was supposed to be funny because she’s a pretty girl doing something unconventional and “ugly.” Which is great and all — I for one hope more pretty people start making themselves ugly — but neglects the fact that there are actual unfortunate looking people out there making actually funny jokes. Which highlights a bigger issue about female comics needing to also be “hot” or else they fade from the spotlight. Remember Rachael Dratch??? REMEMBER!??!?!

But I digress. Back to writing in the style of Jenna.

Also, it was a funny face joke. I’m pretty sure I stopped laughing at those when I was potty trained. PRETTY SURE.

“Mamma! Daddy! Pee pee!”

I saw once when I was up at 4 a.m. doing my JOB like an AMURRIKAN that some morning show did some story on her. It was this.

I just watched the story again, and I’m all, “HOLD THE PHONE… WHATZ??!!” Jenna Marbles is crusading against grinding?? THAT’S what this is? Call me crazy…


…but I find that hard to believe.

Cause like, that’s a pretty lofty goal for an Internet video. The reporter goes on to ask a panel of normal looking women and ONE WEIRD NERD what the club scene is like.

They say they get ground on like, every night, but NOT ONE has thrown out “All The Marbles” and given a guy The Face. The weird dude says it would probably be pretty effective. I’m pretty sure this is the closest he’s ever been to an actual woman.

“Uh hey, do any of you wanna like, grind right here? We could. Make an example. For the cameras.”

So I guess my point is, I don’t understand the point of the story. Jenna Marbles is fighting a crusade against grinding, but no one would EVER actually do her face, and grinding is like A MILLION YEARS OLD. This is a story? I don’t. Whatever.

“Awks! Whoopsie! *Slide whistle*”

And secondly, the video is obviously a joke. A sarcastic take on club life. A slap in the face to women who are just supposed to shut up and back it up. I get it. I know. This is the same with all of Jenna’s videos. They’re supposed to be ridiculous. They’re supposed to be SUPER sardonic. They are actually cut by Edward Scissorhands.

We’re supposed to say, “Oh isn’t that so funny? She’s being unconventional and is also hot.” It’s like when a popular girl makes an awful joke and people still laugh.

“It’s like, then my jeans ripped at the knee and people could TOTALLY see that I have skin under there.”

But Jenna’s material and style just feels old to me. It feels recycled. I think these are all things I’ve laughed about before with other people, and now you’re just putting them on YouTube with fast cuts to funny faces and weird sounds and I’m supposed to think you’re a comic genius? Pardon me for having taste, but just because you put something on YouTube doesn’t make it innovative. C’mon guys, step it up a little. You don’t have to think its funny just because someone says you should. I just have this grating feeling in my soul that, by laughing, we’re all doing something wrong. Something terribly, terribly wrong.

So please, anyone, tell me: Why is this funny?


49 thoughts on “Someone Explain To Me Why Jenna Marbles Is Funny

  1. Honestly alot of people like jenna marbles. Including me so u need to shut up! I am POSITIVE u like jenna and u had nothing better to do with ur life so ya its ok i forgive u… But seriously shut up u seem friendless and really annoying soo ya STFU kayy byee!! >.<

      • Excuse me ma’am/sir I am very un-brain dead and literate and I happen to enjoy her videos. Maybe if you weren’t on your computer all day (because you sound like one of those idiot world or warcraft idiots) an stop hating on someone you will never even meet, you wouldn’t be so rude. Now, I agree that this child’s (im going on a limb she’s probably like 12) comment was kind of.. Immature. But that’s no excuse to be an ASSWIPE. So take that stick out of your ASS and stop hating someone who probably has a better since of humor than you. Have a nice day.

    • she seems friendless? really? great defense for someone who likes a completely talentless moron. I suppose you are the type that thinks Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are talented too?

    • Woooow ok so just because you like Jenna Marbles means this awesome person can’t express their opinion? Honestly I think Jenna Marbles is annoying. You know what else is annoying? When people can’t use proper grammar. Go back to primary school and post a nice comment when you learn the difference between “you” and “u”.

  2. I’ve been a big fan of natalie tran for ages but when she doesnt make videos, i google other comics and came upon this jenna marbles through the comments saying she’s funnier than natalie. Guess what? I think i lost 3 mnutes, no, well, make that a minute of my life since i stopped the videos halfway! She’s no way near funny or amusing. Not gonna bash her since i dont personally know her but her jokes are totally, totally lame. Out of this world lame. Im with you on this.

  3. @ashley
    Since when was it a bad thing to not agree with the majority? Why is it that each time someone does not share the same opinion on something or someone (such as this case) they are automatically categorized as a ‘hater’? I really do not understand. He/she is just expressing their honest opinion about the YouTube sensation and why they do not find her material as funny as everybody does. Please understand that not everybody will
    Have the same reaction. Some will die of laughter when others will die of boredom. I realize that many adore her, but not ALL will. I would understand u calling this person a ‘hater’ if they insulted her and called her names like a child, but in no way have they done that. So please think next time before u decide to call somebody a ‘hater’.

  4. Thanks for stating what should be obvious. Is it a generational thing? I notice some of the comments seem like they come from people who spend their time texting and keeping up with the khardashians. I hate what has happened to culture in this country….guess I’m a hater.

  5. Typical humour that caters to the masses of sheeple we have in this world. I just find it pretty silly, I am only 20 but I dont do Facebook either, a month with that was enough to realise how shallow and vain people are. These sort of humour and websites are below me – I have better things to do with my time.

  6. Unfunny attention whore who doesn’t deserve attention. Somebody who posts videos and photos in bikinis to get thousands of comments saying “OMG ur so hawt!” is about as pathetic as it gets. It’s sad how many hours of their lives people won’t get back because they wasted them watching her stupid crap.

  7. I’m actually so glad you wrote this because I kept watching her videos trying to figure out what’s so hilarious and not a single one made me laugh. I think a lot of guys watch her videos because they think she’s hot while a lot of girls will probably laugh at anything. Well said.

  8. Completely agree on this one. She’s just an attention whore disguised as someone funny. The only reason she’s successful is cos she’s “hot”. The jokes are only ones that preteens and self-absorbed people find funny.

    Like come on. The one where she talks about hating on needy girlfriends is just a cry for attention to the bros who relate. But clearly, she’s just as attention seeking.

  9. Could not agree more with this post. I have watched 4 of her videos and a didn’t even crack a single smile. To be honest, she is extremely irritating. The kind of girl that should just shut up and do what she is probably good at, getting a bit of d*ck up her 😛

  10. I think..she pays for subscribers and viewers. Google it, its like a paid service.
    There was also an issue when another YouTuber got into a fight with her, and she had alike a lot of people defend her. I think she has a lot of people to back her up and post comments , positive ones, to override the negative. There is no reason at all in this universe that there are 9 people out of 10 who likes her. The jokes are hella lame.

  11. Some people are calling her an attention whore..but I honestly don’t think she is. Her humour doesn’t appeal to me and she can be irritating, though I highly doubt she’s fishing for compliments. I did wonder why everyone thinks she’s so funny.

  12. Although, I would like to say that I don’t find many funny girl youtubers. I usually subscribe to girls who make music or something, but I don’t get her humour at all. It’s for the feeble minded.

  13. Some where funny, some where lame. Like most youtube bloggers. I thought the ‘what guys do on the internet was funny’ the ‘what girls do while driving’ was a bit lame. You can’t win them all. If you can do something better’ post it up. I’m all ears!

    • “If you can do something better somethin’ better, post it up!” Huh? Is that supposed to be a defense of Marbles or a put down to people who don’t find her funny? I don’t think that I can beat the worst player in college basketball at his sport, but that’ doesn’t mean he’s a good player. I can’t play bass as well as Nikki Sixx, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good bassist. I thought George W. Bush was a horrible president, but that doesn’t mean I think I’d be a goodn one or that I can’t express negative sentiments about his governing style. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether their experts in that which they are criticizing or not. Knowing that you’re not funny enough to post yourself on the Internet is respectable, and it doesn’t preclude you from criticizing those who do.

      • A few typos in my reply. One is I said, ” … whether their experts in …”
        I should’ve said “they’re,” not “their.”

      • “One is said?” I meant “One is where I said …” I need more sleep, LOL.

    • Sounds like the people who do like her in this thread are the ones being heavy. He just said he didn’t like, parodied her, and asked people why she’s funny, and he gets reamed for it. Why get so mad at an opinion and a parody (and pretty good imitation of her, at that, if you ask me).

  14. Ok… So youre so old school that these jokes arent funny? What is funny to you then? Knock knock jokes? Or are those lame too. People laugh at things they personally understand. You dont sound like a 23 year old girl, so obviously youre NOT GUNNA UNDERSTAND her jokes on a PERSONAL LEVEL. you can have an opinion – just keep it off the internet. Whining to strangers is pathetic. Get a job. 🙂

    • She/he isn’t whining, they are stating their opinion. I’m glad they did because she really isn’t that funny in my own opinion. If too much cussing is a “funny joke” to you then I respect your opinion.

    • A majority of the people who are the same age as you don’t find her funny…
      And the grand majority of the world would find her videos sh*t… it’s just that only people who like her videos are the only ones who like it and the rest have better things to do with their life

    • “You can have an opinion, just keep it off the Internet?” Are you serious? By your own imperative, you shouldn’t have commented with your opinion. You should’ve kept it off the Internet, LMAO!

      “Whining to strangers is pathetic?” Are you not doing that very thing right now, whining about someone who doesn’t like Marbles?”

      “Get a job.” How do you know s/he doesn’t have a job? Maybe this blog is their job? What the hell does their employment have to do with anything whatsoever?

      Congratulations, you have made absolutely no sense and violated the very things you wish the blogger would do in the very sentences where you tell him to do them. Logic is not your strong suit, is it? Nice.

      There’s your Marbles fans for ya! LMAO

    • Oh yeah, one more thing: What does old school have to do with anything? Did I miss where he said he was old school? And what do you mean by “old school,” You mean Charlie Chaplin, Jerry Lewis, Mort Sahl, Henny Youngman, and Lenny Bruce, among others? Are they old school? I didn’t understand what old school meant in this context, unless I am overlooking a comment in a post that mentions it. Am I?

  15. Great post. She’s not funny. She has gained her popularity in the same manner many do: her physical appearance. Imagine if she were an ordinary, or less than ordinary-looking individual; this blog post wouldn’t exist.

  16. I don’t even know how I stopped up right here, but I thought this publish was great. I don’t realize
    who you’re but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger in case
    you aren’t already. Cheers!

  17. I think it’s a little ironic that people say her only appeal is that she’s pretty and unconventional. Almost as if you are finding her unfunny partly because she’s pretty…So what if some people like her looks and say that’s what adds to the humor…It’s funny too when an old person cracks dirty jokes, or if a fat person does stunts, it just is and who cares if it works on some people. Her looks should have nothing to do with it, really that’s your personal judgement. That crap is similar as when people see someone they find unattractive who dresses nice and dislike them because “ew, they’re so ugly but they dress like they think they’re cute…That makes them more ugly”…I know someone who actually said that. Anyway, I find Jenna funny and likeable. I hate how some people insult others who find her funny…I personally never care if people like something I don’t like but seems most have to judge. I bet what you find funny is lame to a lot of others, and what her fans find funny besides Jenna you might also find funny, get off your high horse, you’re among the people you call dumbasses and with bad taste.

  18. You seem to care a lot about her. You spent that much time writing something about someone that’s way better than you, you should get a life and find something better to do with your time 🙂

  19. Oh she’s awful – so glad somebody else agrees, cus if you dare post anywhere all the “Jenna Bots” attack you on a personal level because you don’t like their God. She isn’t funny, sets back feminism about 50 years, panders to men and slates women. On top of this she swears too much and pretends to be “dorky” because she thinks its so ironic to be a “hot” girl who is also a “nerd”….ugh. She reminds me of the popular girls in American high school dramas; peroxide blonde, hates other girls and sucks up to boys.

  20. All of these YouTube morons are ridiculous and it is idiots like you guys who make them popular they are not funny! Everyone is so caught up In this social media garbage so they have to keep finding stupid stuff on YouTube to keep posting! Hears a word of a advice read a book and learn something or watch a YouTube video of someone actually teaching something helpful or important

  21. Ugh. All of these comments insulting someone with a different opinion. You share your opinions, why can’t we? Most of you have the IQ of cabbages- I don’t see why so many people find her funny either. She isn’t funny in any way possible. I suppose it’s the generation. You know, with all the Justin Biebers and such.

  22. all the people complaining about this article seem to have literacy levels near those of 10 year old girls. so i’m guessing at least some of them are american college girls with 90 IQs. anyone stupid enough to say “you can have your opinion, just keep it off the internet”, while posting that on the internet, is functionally retarded. you’re right on about this kundt.

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