BBJBZB Budget Weekend!!

This weekend, Jamie and I had Budget Weekend. Sometimes, we like to things we do collectively as a “BBJBZB [Thing],” so I’m calling this Brittany Budget Jamie Budget Zany Bangin’ Budget Weekend.

How does one go about having a BBJBZB Budget Weekend, you ask? It’s pretty simple. The goal is to still have a good time, while not spending the normal amount of money you would by going out to the bars. Look, we all love supporting our local economy, but a girl’s gotta eat, ya know?

Every good Budget Weekend should start off with a bang, but not one that’s gonna blow your head off. That last B is for Bangin’, after all. Jamie and I rationalized poorly that our budget weekend should start by going out to eat. Because we would probably go out for at least one meal in a given weekend, so if we’re not drinking, this should be fine.

We WALKED (saving gas) to Sumisu, the local sushi restaurant, where our eyes were a little bigger than our wallets. We calculated in the end that between my sushi and Jamie’s panko-crusted pork, we should have been paying at least $35 for this meal. BUT WAIT. Sumisu wasn’t doing so hot that night, and it literally took 45 minutes for Jamie to get his food. NOT ONLY did our waiter completely comp our meal, but he gave us extra crab rangoons. We decided to tip him nicely, because it wasn’t his fault, so we did pay for the meal, but not with much.

Night Out At A Flustered Restaurant: $10

This was Thursday night (my Friday) and the day that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II was coming to theaters for its midnight premiere. Jamie and I checked the ticket prices, and could find only the 3D showing at our midnight theater, which would have cost us around $35 for both 3D tickets and online processing charges. We opted, instead, for the next day matinee. At just $7 per ticket rather than $15 and early enough in the day for our friends to not try to talk to us about it yet, we thought this was a smart move. Plus, the lines were shorter, and I was awake. The movie experience was completely awesome, but I’ll leave that up to you to see.

Also, not seeing the midnight showing opened our night up to drinking. To save money, we drank at home instead of going out. One Four Loko each was all we needed for a weird, weird night.

Two Four Loko: $5
HPDH2 Matinee: $15

After the matinee, we had a good amount of chill time until hurling practice. Hurling, as I’ve mentioned on here before, is awesome. Also, it’s free. So that is awesome. After that, I had rehearsals for The Comedy Project, the equally awesome Pocatello improv group that Jamie and I both joined. Since both of these activities are free, we spent an entire afternoon doing stuff that is great for absolutely no cost at all. Lesson: Become engaged in your community and save more money!

Hurling: FREE

After Comedy Project rehearsals, our group got together for some solid stoop grillin’ at our friend Drew’s house. We contributed rum that we already had and picked up Diet Coke on the way there for just $1. The brats and the replaying of awful redneck stand up were all FREE.

Brats, Rum, Stand up Comedy: FREE
Diet Coke: $1

The next day, we decided we didn’t want to have to compromise our desires for corporate coffee just because we were trying to save money. Thus, the at-home Frappuccino was born. Here are the pictures from our experience, and here’s the recipe you can make yourself!

Jamie making Frapps

Delicious! Cheap!

Homemade Frapps Complete!

We also decided we wanted Take 2 at our romantic dinner out, but we didn’t want to play Restaurant Roulette again and chance them actually bringing our food out on time. Thusly, we made our own homemade lasagna and ate it by candlelight. With martinis. Because we didn’t have wine. Booya.


Homemade Frapps: $0.64
Homemade Lasagna: Not really calculable. Just some grocery money. Definitely <$10.

Add to that weekend more fun-expected things like S’mores at our friend’s Gabby and Sean’s and hitting up the farmer’s market and all in all, I think we had a pretty successful BBJBZB Budget Weekend, while only spending $41.64. Doing the more expensive versions of these things would have cost us at least $100.



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