Because my general disposition lends me to wanting to leap off of a bridge every day, it has become difficult to come up with a good, new post. Exit polls show, Readers are more inclined to enjoy posts about my slow triumph over an especially difficult baked good than my deeply emotional — albeit highly developed — chagrin over looking like Kirstie Alley.

Exhibit Ew

Usually I do spend my days in an un-air-conditioned Jeep/apartment/taco truck overhang looking at Facebook albums of my friends’ digital SL-faRis across Europe while contemplating how miserable I’ll be until I get to fall asleep again, but today, several things happened today that made me say, “Cool.”

Last week I walked in to my local driver’s license center to exchange my PA license for an ID ID, a mere seven months after I was legally required. Not only did I run into the PIO who I’ve worked with the 10 months that I’ve lived here — who curiously eyed my Pennsylvania license — but I was also surprised by the Idaho written driving test, which I did not realize was a requirement to operate a motor vehicle in the land of potato truck spills. Needless to say, I failed it.

Today, however, I walked in after an hour of last minute studying in Jamie’s office, and I had to skip only five of the 40 questions to pass. Some call me brilliant, I call me Brilliantany.

Jamie and I celebrated with celebratory Gyros and curly fries, served to us by our new Greek friend Andrew Katseanes. Did I secretly pretend he was my old (and best) Greek friend Andrew Lericos? Yes I did. And in that way, I got to see an old friend today, who also served me food. Double bonus.

Later, I was driving back to work in a bit of a hurry while trying to decide which lane to be in to best beat out the other six cars on the road. Traffic, oy! I stayed in my lane, which seemed slower at first, when all of the sudden an errant motorcyclist jumped from my lane to the next, breezing me to freedom — sweet freedom! I made my hand into a gun and shot lasers at those dumb slowsters as I flew past.

Laterlater, my live truck operator Dave and I were sitting in our air-conditioned news van and he told me about how teenagers in the Ukraine are randomly murdering innocent people with hammers, just because they want something to remember. I am not in either of those categories of people. Awesome.

Then! While I was getting ready to do my live shot, my producer asked me if I liked liverwurst and mayonnaise sandwiches. I said yes, of course, and we agreed to start an LWM Sandwich Club. Community!

Thenthen! While I was in between live shots, my car-less friend Joe TZ walked across the street from me and said hello. He was difficult to make out at first because during nighttime shots I stare into a very bright camera light that obscures my vision and consequently his face, but I figured it out by his distinguished jawline. It was a fun coincidence AND I got to see ANOTHER friend. That’s two in one day! Can’t beat them apples.

I came home to cheese, chips and salsa and a used magazine mailed to me by my Dad outlining the fun you can have in Park City, UT. Jamie played me “Basic Space” on vinyl and we moved one of the fans into the bedroom.

I can’t sleep now, but I’m chalking it up to all of the happiness my heart feels over a pretty damn decent day. PDDD.



5 thoughts on “PDDD

  1. It’s good to see you smile great picture lunch with your new Greek friend is always a great experience. don’t pick a bridge that’s to high shorter distance seems to work just as effective. Magazine was not used just sent it later than expected and got tired of looking at sitting in the office, should have gave it to you when you were home could have saved the stamps. But all is good so good night.

  2. Britt,
    Yes, you are Brilliant by any other name. And growing up so responsibly too! Makes me proud that Jess is friends with you! I just had my 40th H.S. Reunion and FINALLY alot of us grew up! Keep on keepin’ on, Girlfriend!

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