Sarah Palin Ignites Ire In The Heart Of Many

And one day, someone will be smart enough to run a line of kerosene from his or her heart to Palin’s, so that she may ignite as well. AND THEN THIS NIGHTMARE CAN END.

“No no, good, hire me the guy who LOST the last election. He’ll. Be. Just. The. Man. For. The. Job.” – Sarah Palin  Dolores Umbridge Sarah Palin

In her endless “Look at me! Look at me!” campaign, Sarah Palin decided to hire Michael Glassner, formerly of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign (which, ya know, HE LOST), as her new “chief of staff” for “SarahPAC” which I liberally put into “air quotes” because I don’t want to “validate them.”

Here’s the real story:

The painful conclusion that smart people draw from all of this is that she’s just one step closer to actually running for prom queen hockey booster association king president.

Hey, remember when it was cool to create a political action campaign and just name it after yourself? Because it pertains to nothing besides yourself?

My favorite narcissist/best friend Caitlin Condit loves looking at herself in the mirror. And when you call her out on it, she says, “Yeah, I do it because I look good.” And at least you can know that she’s telling you what she really believes.

When you catch Sarah Palin looking at herself in the mirror, she says, “Yeah! Erm, it’s for… Liberty! (??) *WINK.*”

Q: When will she fade into obscurity?
A: Not soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Ignites Ire In The Heart Of Many

  1. Yesterday I lined up with almost 200 people looking to work at the zoo’s stupid concession stand for $8/hour. Hundreds of people – from teenagers to elderly people – applying for 20 jobs that only last for the summer.

    Try being pissed at Obama who’s done nothing to help us.

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