Day Three: Biscuits and Gray-vee

Today was a boring day. Just an all out fruits and veggies medley. I do find myself, however, without many cravings (just like Jajoo said on his website) except one: SAUSAGE BISCUITS AND GRAVY.

God help me and my love for that tangy gravy goodness. This local place? Oliver’s? They make this ONE THING that’s like, their version of Eggs Benedict? But they call it Eggs Oliver?? And it’s just like Eggs Benedict BUT GET THIS: it’s on BISCUITS WITH SAUSAGE GRAVY HOLYSHITYEAHSCREWTHATHOLLANDAISE.

[Quick Sidebar: Just looked up how to spell Hollandaise and found its made with egg yolks. Egg on egg action, Eggs Ben?? Guess they didn’t care about LDL levels in the 1894 Waldorf Astoria.]

So that’s mostly how I’m feeling today. That, and like, kind of cleansed. I guess that’s to be expected after a couple of fiber rich days, but ya know, just keeping you plebes in the loop and all. It’s tough work.

Well anyway, tomorrow’s banana day. So I get to eat eight bananas. And drink three glasses of milk. And eat all the throw up soup I want.

As a result, a neat thing I got to do today was buy sweet, sweet (and local!) Cloverleaf milk from the Co-op AND THEN two grass-fed beef New York Strip steaks from the Kinport Junction. But those are for beef day. A whole banana day away.


Vegetable day, though rough and full of roughage, did not yield many results. Scale went down by one today. *Drum roll plz*



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