I Drive a Jeep, Not a Delorean (Dammit!)

Living in Idaho is like going back in time.

To be precise, it’s like living in some bizarro purgatory from 10 years ago. People are nice to each other, they don’t swear in public and they are actually pretty interested in local news. People still get the paper in those little specialty multicolored “Idaho State Journal” boxes on their posts. Total anomaly anywhere else.

They still have a video rental store. East Coast: when was the last time you actually saw one those dinosaurs?? And what’s worse: I GO TO IT. Even though I have Netflix! AND the whole state has the same damn area code. So they don’t even use ’em. I think I was like six when Pennsylvania ditched that seven digit bullshit. When I go into the video store, I give the woman my “telephone” (not “cell”, NOT JUST “PHONE”) number and she looks me up.  Tonight, I griped about late fees, got into my car, listened to “Full Moon Fever” and wished there was some instant mode of communication I could use to keep in touch with my family and friends.

Sometimes, I literally cannot believe it.

Obviously the car I must have driven 30 hours across America to get to 1994.

TWO SECONDS LATER UPDATE: As my keen sense of logic detected soon after posting this post, I clearly did NOT drive a Delorean time machine to Idaho, or else I would be able to drive it BACK to present day. Unless of course, it exploded upon arrival (possible, you don’t know that) OR I am a mad (wo)man who ENJOYS living in a time that clearly was very frustrating, dumb and full of economic surplus.


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