Whew! For A Minute There, I Lost Myself

Hidey ho, Royal Leader–er, I mean, Loyal Reader…

It sure has been a few since last we spoke, and man, I only have you to blame for that (psychologists called this “Transferring” …I think). Things have been nutty with election coverage and just generally nutty as well. Also, I’ve been experiencing a surge of relative happiness lately, which has severely limited my need to complain to the world via my little Internet Soapbox.

BUT! Fear not, Royal Reader, because like any great writer, I’m overcoming my happiness to invent new and exciting things to talk about. Before we begin, I have a little experiment I’d like to try.



Description: If there’s anything I learned from this year’s midterm elections, it’s that I need to do more to appeal to my populist base. (My campaign manager says it’s “Sooo Palin right now.”) To that end, I am going to write up a series of possible new blog post topics, soliciting the help of Loyal Leaders to decide which will be my next topic.

Objective: Get Reader to vote for preferred blog post topic. Write new post to please RLs and LRs.


  1. Post series of topics
  2. Solicit votes
  3. Write blog post

The Part Of The Lab Report Where You Get Down To Brass Tacks:

Here, Leaders, is my list of possible new blog topics. I don’t care who you are, if I know you or not, or even if we hate each other, please choose a topic and vote for it using the Comment feature. I’ll be watching you.


  • Disrupting the Stereotype of Italian Americans via Locational Influence (Alternatively: Redneck Meatballin’)
  • The Need For Polarity: How Having Something To Hate Makes Life Easier (With possible extended commentary on renegotiating mindsets)
  • Uptown Girl vs. Girl Next Door: A big city vs. small city look at why community is important and how it is manifested in different population concentrations
  • Internet Vacation: Don’t you ever wish the Internet just blacked out for a few days? Months? Years? What this could do for the world. Honestly, WORLD. Also, how a recent episode of “Modern Family” beautifully illustrated this point.


If you need to, please revisit the aforementioned list of topics, choose one and vote for your favorite by leaving a comment.



Should I cut my hair to look like this? Or will I be too round/roly-poly with said hair cut?


Now get out there and exercise your right to vote! Or die! Or rock! Or!


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