Welcome to the Thunderdome a.k.a. Kitchen

NEXT DAY DELICIOUS UPDATE: Add a dollop of crema Mexican to the black bean burger. Buzz, your sandwich, woof.


SO earlier this week, I made up a big ole’ pot-o-chili, recipe courtesy of the ever-obnoxious Bobby Flay.

It was a beef and black bean chili with toasted cumin crema and avocado relish. Here’s the recipe for anyone interested; seriously delicious stuff.

And here’s what mine looked like!


I made some adjustments to the recipe, as I didn’t have pasilla or ancho chili powder, but DID have a giant bag of green chili powder straight from the heart of New Mejico. (Thank you Jamie Hale). And that was just dandy. Also, I used an Anchor Steam beer, but feel free to sub in your fave.

So TONIGHT, I invented something equally (if not more) awesomely delicious, simply by playing off of the same ideas from the chili base.

It’s a Black Bean and Spinach Burger with a Mushroom Onion Cream reduction on Sourdough toast. Here’s how it goes:

  • Mash up one can of black beans (I went for the reduced sodium 😉 ) in a large mixing bowl. Chop up a couple handfuls of fresh spinach, and put it in a pan with some water, cover, and keep over low-medium heat until it wilts. Start heating up some olive oil in another pan over low heat.
  • Drain the spinach and then add it to the black bean mash-em-ups. Continue (monster) mash.

Black Bean and Spinach Mash-Em-Ups!

  • You’ll need to add some kind of flour or bread crumbs or oats or a combination of them all to the mixture to get it to all stick together. I didn’t have anything practical, so I used Panko bread crumbs, and they actually worked really well. Anyhow, stick enough of whatever-you-choose in there to suck up a lot of the moisture. If you really want them to hold, consider adding an egg in (ala meatballs) but I didn’t do that.
  • Chop up some red onion and stick it in the olive oil pan until the onions are clear. Then take a dark beer (Anchor Steam again!) and pour in enough to cover the onions. Bring it up to medium heat if you weren’t already. You can be generous with the beer because you’re going to let it reduce, and if you want more sauce, add more beer. Drink the rest.
  • Once the beer has reduced, add in some green chili powder, and about the same amount of beef base or beef bouillon. Mix it on in. Reduce your heat to low, and after things simma’, stir in some heavy cream. I added it until it got to the color that I like my coffee.

    You will be tempted, but don’t drink the sauce. Yet.

  • Rinse out your spinach pan, splash some olive oil in it, and stick it back on low-medium heat. Make a healthy-sized patty out of your Black Bean and Spinach Mash-Em-Ups, and slap that baby down. Let it get brown on both sides. Mine were kinda mushy, but I got too excited to keep waiting.
  • Slice up three regular white mushrooms, caps and all, and wait until your sauce has really gotten nice and thick looking, simmering on low heat all the way. Then dump the shrooms in and mix them around until they’re coated. Let ’em soak til they’re weak in the knees.

  • Cut two thick slices of sourdough bakery bread and plunge them into the toaster.
  • Once toasted, pile patty on bread and cover with so much sauce.

Hats Off for a "How do ya do?"

  • Cover, slice, ENJOY!

Hello Gorgeous

The sauce was so tasty that I had to go back for more. And the bread just soaked it up and the whole thing got messy. This, I believe, only adds to the flavor.

It’s a fairly simple, fairly healthy sandwich that feels like a comfort meal. Who can say no to beer and cream? I can hardly wait to eat it again. Which will be at lunch time.

Let me know if you ever try it out!

(P.S. Enough with the bizarro picture formatting already, right???)


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