Just watched this awesome fight between Bill O’Reilly and “The View” ladies:

Bill On The View

Remember the 9/11 mosque fight? I’m posting this now to remind myself to talk about it later. Stay tuuuuned.

Scrap what I was saying. This is topical, but entirely different. Tonight I got to chase down the Idaho goooobernatorial  candidates as they stumped across my part of the state. And a really interesting thing that’s happening is the democratic candidate is actually pulling republicans away from the incumbent, apparently the most that have swung that way in 40 years.

One guy that I interviewed told me he was a “right-wing, Rush Limbaugh republican” but that he was voting for the big D in November. Granted, the democratic challenger here is a very very VERY leeeettle “d” dem, but still, I find it fascinating that at a time when republicans are certain that their base is sick of everyone left of center, that the most people in 40 years in this blood red state are jumping ship.

ALSO NEAT: I met a guy from Boise who went to the VA Tech/Boise State game and STAYED IN HYATTSVILLE AND PARTIED AT BENTLEY’S AND CORNERSTONE. We talked and talked and he told me about how the girls soccer team did blow job shots off the bar and the “big fat owner” of Cornerstone bought them more shots… all this as he fist-pumped in nostalgia. I was so happy I could have cried. And then I was all, “OH YEAH AND THEN PEOPLE GOT SHOT THERE!! :D” And the nice little Idaho people were like, “Yeah that seems… bad…? Or?” Pardon me for being excited over crazy shit happening where I used to do crazy shit. My bad.

But anyway I spent WAY too much time talking to this guy, and I think that may have made me a little late for deadline. But I still went live and had fun. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand says that. That’s who.


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