This Post Inadvertently Ended Up Being About Steve Jobs

In Apple world, when you give your computer too much to do at one time, a rainbow pinwheel spins in the spot where your cursor used to be. This is far superior to the Windows hourglass, which is just bullshit. I like to imagine this originated from an old tradition of Steve Jobs’….


The year is 1960, and Little Stevie Jobs and his family packed up the Edsel and scooted out to the Palo Alto county fair (in my dreams, they had one too). But in the crowds of people clamoring around the freak show pavilion, Little Stevie gets lost! And scared! He looks up, he looks down, but Little Stevie can’t see Mommy and Father Jobs anywhere! He can’t seem to make his way out of the crowd, people are closing in, how will he ever get home again? Little Stevie, oh Little Stevie!

He looks down at the ground and sees a trampled, dust covered pinwheel that some ungrateful snob of a kid (probably visiting from the Valley) let go astray. He picks it up and dusts it off, and blows the little pinwheel, watching the colors spin and blend. And somewhere in that rainbow, Little Stevie forgets that he’s lost, forgets that he’s upset and alone, and watches it until the crowds clear.

Like the moment of a waking dream, he hears a voice from far away, “Little Stevie! Little Stevie!” And then a mother’s warm embrace. “Oh we’d thought we’d lost you!” Mommy Jobs says as she whisks her boy away to the funnel cakes.

[Flash forward]

And see, Steve Jobs never forgot how comforting it was to see a pinwheel in his time of trouble. And why not give one to the world? Nothing’s more confounding than a computer on the fritz, and who wouldn’t love to see a little pinwheel shinin’ a little bright shine into their life? I know I do. I know I do.


Yesterday I worked a 14-hour day. Woof is right. But right now I’m just trying to keep my nose down, which means a lot of stuff is happening, without much time for processing (hence the lack of thoughtful posts). I’m kinda pinwheeling.

But I can tell you these things! I had got to sit down with an older man who held a teenager at gunpoint last Monday because the kid was pretending to be a hospital volunteer coming to “recall” his medication.

I rolled up to the house just as they were pulling away, trying to go shopping at Fred Meyer. I awkwardly introduced myself and asked if they wouldn’t mind talking. We talked for about five minutes as I crouched to look into their car window. Just when I thought my thighs were going to explode, they said, “Why don’t we just park the car?”

They hesitantly let me into their kitchen, saying they didn’t really want to be on TV. I left my camera in the car. We talked for an hour, about what happened, the violating phone call they’d received asking for personal medical information, the knock on the door, the worry they felt about their grandkids, the massive unknown on the other side of the door.

So I made my move. “Would you guys want to maybe, possibly, do this on camera? Just a short? Interview?” Despite being able to pull off looking somewhat put together on camera, behind the scenes, I am mercilessly unglued.

But they gave it to me! The husband said yes, and it turned out great! AND afterward, he goes, “Ya know we were just gonna give you the boot, right?” And I was like, “Yeah. Thanks.”

And then he showed me his classic cars.


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