B Gets A Little Sassy Today

Well well well. Two days ago, I had 48 views on this here blog page. Yesterday? Twenty less! What will today bring? Well at this rate, who can even say!

I heard a really interesting interview on NPR today with some whiny author, and I tuned in right at the moment where the anchor said something like “You won’t find any atheists in foxholes!” I mean, I’ve done my fair share of atheistic dabbling, and I’ve always cared for foxes, so I’m not so sure what of this is about. But anyway, the anchor brings up that the author has begged the question “Why me?” in some of his writing, specifically about his getting cancer.

And the author says something like, “Well the writer Emily Whoever summed it up best when she said, ‘Why NOT me?'” And goes on to make the point that the universe is [word I didn’t know] and doesn’t care about us. It’s chaotic. And the fact that we’re born in a country where we don’t have to make sneakers for a living or live next to a toxic waste dump doesn’t mean we get to win all the time. Just by the very nature of the chips falling where they may. Things are chaotic, and if bad things are going to happen every so often, then yeah, why NOT you (or me)?

Is this enough to momentarily quell my bitching over this drastic dip in readership? Sure. But let’s look at who’s pulling whose weight around here, and who isn’t. I’ll pin the blame tail on the donkey, I will. And that donkey, reader, well he’s you.

(For those of you upon whom much is lost, this is jus’a’joke.)


2 thoughts on “B Gets A Little Sassy Today

  1. Y’know, I was just thinking about kinda the same thing the other day. Why do we (Americans) think we have to win all the time? Olympics? USA! USA! Gag. Just compete, baby! And have fun with people who grew up in a different culture. Biggest car? Greenest lawn? Please! Call me a Socialist but — spread it around a little, OK? And if you don’t win, or you’re the one who gets sick, well, that’s the way it goes sometimes. OK?

    • Right?? My step-dad is from Bulgaria, and growing up, he would always bitch at me and my brother’s about how ungrateful we were for everything we had–just because we lived in America.
      And I didn’t get it at the time, because I just wanted to play N64 and jump in my pool, but he was right. I really did like the point this author made. If bad shit can happen to everyone else in the world, just because good things usually happen to you, doesn’t make you immune.
      Sure, making choices that give you the potential to flourish in the long term does set you up for some degree of success (choosing school over drugs, working hard, eating healthy), but it doesn’t protect you from the inherent randomness of the universe. Your car can still break down, your wife can still leave you, you can still get cancer.
      And I do tend to agree with you, if you are one of the lucky ones who plays the right cards and continually ends up on top, show some other people how to win, too. Sure, we live in a world of limited resources, but isn’t that all the more reason to teach people to access those resources better? OK!

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