Midnight Soup

So it’s 1:13 a.m. on a Saturday, and I just polished off a can of Progresso Chicken and Dumpling soup. At only 100 calories a serving, how can any rational man object?

Easy there, Loyal Reader (I know there are like, 20 of you), I know you’re thinking, “Well DUH B, what ELSE would we expect you to do?” But cool your jets. The interesting part of this story isn’t the soup consumption, it’s what I was mulling over when I went out and BOUGHT two cans of chicken soup and a box of Lipton Cream of Chicken soup packets a mere 30 minutes ago. As an aside, did anyone else ever eat Lipton Cream of Chicken soup packets as a kid and love it when you didn’t stir it up the whole way and then got a flavor chunk of soup mix? I did too.

Getting into my car to drive to Winco, (praise Allah for 24-hour grocery) I remembered that my remote unlocking key fob is fresh out of batteries, and in the dark I fumbled for the right key. The Jeep doesn’t make any satisfying sounds when you unlock it manually, and it’s always off-putting. The eerie silence followed me into the car, and I couldn’t help thinking, “Crap there’s definitely gonna be somebody in my backseat. And they’re gonna look at me when I check my rear view mirror.” As I’ve mentioned in a previous post (I think) I have a pretty juvenile fear of the dark, especially when I’m alone.

So in recapping this, I started getting paranoid and thinking someone was gonna pop up in the darkness in my bedroom. Or behind my couch. Or front my front door. I had to call Jamie. I had to eat more soup.

More on fear when it’s light out. 😦


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